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August 23, 1999 - 1 PM Island Time: Bret's Aftermath

Fri, Aug. 20: Tropical Storm Bret is a tiny blip in the island's perpheral vision, barely a topic of conversation. Just hours later, residents and business owners were busily making preparations to evacuate. I left Sat. afternoon and holed up with Dennis and the dogs at the Harlingen Comfort Inn. Got back in town shortly after the bridge opened Mon. morning. Deposited the dogs at the house and headed out to shoot some pictures and here they are - quite possibly the first to get posted on the net.

Bottomline - we were incredibly lucky once again. Thanks to everyone around the country who kept us in your prayers and stopped by this site for updates.


Left: The outdoor bar at Blackbeards took a pretty hard hit.
Below: Lou, Tony and KC had the coffee on at 'Beards and promised they would be open... just as soon as a few employees showed up.

beards crew

bluemarlin sign

Left: The Blue Marlin Sign - ouch

Below: Peggy's Tattoo Shop - thanks for the blessings, Peggy. Looks like they worked. Overall damage to the Island seems incredibly minimal .


Below: Have not had the opportunity to see if there is really going to be free beer at the Brew Pub but will definitely be looking into it!

brew pub

Below: Storm clouds still gathering...

Right: This was shot Sun. afternoon in Harlingen - the wind was blowing pretty good

storm clouds

harlingen trees

my back yard

Left: One of the Australian pines in my back yard, shows which way the wind was blowing (West-Northwest)

Below: The puddle at my favorite beach access


Below: Bret's Breezes: Update 11 am Aug. 22 - your humble web wiz is reporting from the comfort of the Comfort Inn in Harlingen. Forced evacuation of the island still in effect but local news reports suggest that damage and flooding are mostly non-existent... it would appear that the Island will be open for residents some time tomorrow and welcoming visitors in time for the weekend (feet's unofficial call.) Self-portrait of me and Phoebe enjoying the cool breezes (and an unexpected vacation day) courtesy of Bret.



Above: Update 5:51 pm Aug. 22: Mayor Ed Cyganowicz was telling us it is too dangerous to go home yet. Wags asks me if we have to take his word for it.

(more - added 8/24/99)

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