photo album

March 1999

Spring break is here and though I don't have a lot of time to go hang out and take photos this year, a sand castle job for AT&T pulled me out of my cave long enough to snap a few...

My conclusions? This year's Spring breakers and spring break activities look a lot like last year's and the year before's ad infinitum.

Right: a breaker assumes the classic bong pose.

Below left: Fellow sandsculptor Dennis chats with Chris - a bona fide spring breaker frome --- oops, forgot the school. Chris and your humble web wiz share some genetic material - his father is my cousin. We had never met before but I knew he was family when I showed up at the sand pile and saw him toting buckets of water for use in the sculpture. Hey, thanks for the assist, Chris!

Below right: As an alumnus of MSU (class of - gulp - '79) I just had to shoot this one.

bonging it

my cousin Chris
MSU rules!

our castle

Left: the AT&T castle numero uno at the Sheraton - will be doing another next Tues. - same place.

Below: Beach volley ball today looks pretty much like it always has...

volley ball

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