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a cool south padre island link

Find a Local - past and present, I am working on compiling an e-mail address book for anyone with an SPI connection that wants to participate. If you are a past or current resident - or even just a frequent visitor - and would like people to be able to find you, feel free to add your listing!

Add a Listing

You can browse the whole list by hitting the next button at the bottom of each page, or you can jump dirctly to the person's listing if you know his/her last name by clicking on one of the letters below.

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name: Adelaide
username: barefootbeachbum@the-i.net
Company: Island Touch Massage
Phone: (956)761-6551 ext.271
Address: p.o.box 2231
City: S.P.I.
State: Tx.
Website: http://www.spionline.com/massage/
connection: current resident
Info: Still loving S.P.I. after 17 years of living here and yes I have fun, I help others to have fun and I UNLITTER AKA as Sunnie Daze.

name: ashley adams
username: ashleya1@hotmail.com
Phone: (402)791-2076
Address: 2212 S. 96th Rd.
City: Firth(right by Lincoln)
State: NE
zip: 68358
connection: frequent visitor
Info: I am a 17 yr. old female who comes down a couple times a year to visit my grandma who lives in the sunchase IV (the big white condos you see right after the bridge )I love going down and meeting new people. If there is any male (around my age) that goes there a lot or lives there write me

name: Angie "Shiflett" Adams-Allen
username: Angela_Allen@glit-microtron.com
Company: Glit-Microtron
Phone: 706-833-3623
State: GA
connection: past resident
Info: I went to High School in B'ville, but spent most of my time on the island. I hung out with some great people that I would love to find...like...Joe "the Ratt" Garza, "Riptide" Rod, Cooper Davis, Andy Davila, Jim Thompson, Louis Trevinio, Rhonda Sloss, Sherri, Audra, Joni "my bestest friend", David Leal, George, Robert......and gosh so many to list. If any of you are still out there and wouldn't mind chattin sometime,I'd love to hear from you. I miss the island so much, no matter where I go I alway feel like South Texas is my true home. Hope everyone is well!!

name: Pablo & Faby Aguiar
username: beachouse@integradigitprod.com
Company: Integra Digital Productions
Phone: 210-325-3985
Address: P.O. Box 160224
City: San Antonio
State: TX
zip: 78280
Homepage?: www.integradigitprod.com
connection: frequent visitor
Info: Our first born was conceived there on the Island!
South Padre brings out the creativity & inpiration in both of us. So much that we actually bought property and hope to someday return for good. Check out our current plans up north of town. http://home.earthlink.net/~desi1966

name: Pam Aikman
username: paikman@aol.com
Company: Tom & Jerry's Beach Club
Phone: 956-761-1310
Address: PO Box 3151
City: S.P.I.
State: TX
zip: 78597
connection: current resident
Info: Came to the island over 4 years ago, for the fun, the sun, and the great people. I run a great place called Tom & Jerry's Beach Club Bar & Grill. Stop in and say hi when your visiting our wonderful little sandbar!

name: Tony Aldrich
username: spislander@austin.rr.com
Company: AMD
City: Austin
State: Tx
connection: past resident
Info: Hey all. Hope everyone's still havin' fun. Been in Austin since Mar. '99

name: Amazin' Walter
username: wizard@amazinwalter.com
Company: SOB's
Phone: 956 761 5943
Address: p.o.b. 2694
City: S.P.I.
State: Tx
zip: 78597
Homepage?: http://amazinwalter.com
connection: current resident
Info: i am the wizard

name = ambie
from = cmisme@flash.net.com
company = Capt Murphy's Charter Service
connection? = current resident
info = Capt Murphy's is a family and business charter fishing accomidation for the young and the old. It is a party boat located on south padre island, tx. at the sea ranch marina.

name: Capt. Lou Austin
username: LAustin10@aol.com
Company: Austin Fishing Service
Phone: 1-800/956 943 6282
Address: P.o. Bx 1695
City: Port Isabel
State: Tx.
zip: 78578
connection: current resident
Info: Local Charter Captian and contribruting writer for the So. Padre Island Parade (fishing and related info)

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