Update 10/4/11 from "brownbuns"

The weather is beautiful and if you can get away the Padre is calling!!! Warm water, warm days, cool nights, stars that fill the sky (you can even see the Milky Way with the naked eye), and there were too many shooting stars to count.

We went this past weekend and it was wonderful.†Whether you are visiting Padre Island National Seashore (PINS - northern half) or South Padre (southern half of the island) this article is informative and helpful: Four Wheel South Padre. Much of the information is applicable to any beach based endeavor. (continues...)

We are fans of being nude at PINS (northern half). IMHO, here are a couple of rules of thumb that have helped us enjoy a hassle free nude experience on Padre: If someone else is nude you should be fine to remain nude. If they are clothed, cover up - keep a cover up close by or a beach chair with a towel on it to meander over to. You can also find a secluded pocket behind the dunes and let your hair hang out (literally - LOL).

On the beach, the natural curve of the shoreline, the slow rate of speed of the vehicles on the 4x4 section gives us a two mile view of approaching vehicles and plenty of time to cover up. All patrol trucks are marked with roof lights or 4-wheel ATV. We usually go 10 mi or more south of Malaquite Beach. We don't bother covering up anymore (you have to make your own call here) but we are pretty low key - a casual dip in the water, a trip to the beer cooler†for a sandwich or a short stroll on the beach with a cover-up handy, otherwise it's browning buns on a blanket.

The last trip, we were nude on the blanket and rangers drove right by us without even stopping (they just waved) and one couple parked about 400 yards from us and got nude as well (the†day before we didn't see a ranger all day). I spoke to one ranger and he said that his personal view was this - he didn't†mind†but he did ask we use discretion with others - just use common sense!††I have never heard of someone complaining about nudity in the 4x4 stretch of the beach and†in my experience nudity seems to be tolerated.

We are somewhat discreet but obvious about our nudity - even with the rangers. We cover up before passersby get to close, so they can tell we are nude but not close enough to see anything that might offend them - it usually attracts others who are like minded. Personally, I am going to start putting a yellow bandana over my sun visor or tie it to my antenna to let others know we are nudies. I don't know? Is there a global signal for nudity? If not there should be?

Weather Hotline for Padre Island National Seashore (updated daily): 361-949-8175

Remember, nudity in PINS is prohibited, but it seems to be tolerated and enforcement is at the discretion of the law enforcement officer. Lewdness, indecent behavior, drunkenness, drug use, etc. will bring†unwanted attention for all of us.

I sure wish we could lobby and get a†COB allocated.


by sandy feet

If you are searching for a nude beach where you can see and be seen, you might want to search elsewhere. If, however, you are seeking a quiet, beautiful, (mostly) hassle-free spot to commune with nature sans clothing, you might find the beaches north of South Padre Island town proper to be just your cup of tea.

I don't have the time to get up there much myself these days, but it is nice - comforting even - to know that it is there and that losing the tan lines remains an option. There is a fairly active and close-knit but friendly group of people who post regular reports, etc. on the forum. I try to keep this page updated with information that gets posted there with varying levels of success, so you might want to head over there for updates.

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You can see if there is anything new posted on the COB forum, but here are the GPS coordinates posted by a thoughful enthusiast:

Entrance #5 (last pay entrance) N26∞09'55.1" W097∞10'22.6"
Entrance #6 (usually free but 4wd helpful) N26∞12'26.9" W097∞10'41.3"
Paved Road end N26∞14'56.4" W097∞11'08.3"
Where we got nude N26∞18'46.7" W097∞12'00.1"
Beach end (Fishing jetty) N26∞33'43.6" W097∞16'15.5"
Great shelling area: N26∞18'28.9" W097∞11'54.1"


current marker?


How Do I Find The Nude Beach?

For many years various signs posted by anonymous naturists indicated where the "official" nude beach was located - approx. five miles north of the end of the road, by one report. On our most recent visit to that area all signs had vanished. My companion commented that nude sunbathing on South Padre is "more a state of mind than a specific location."

True enough. To find the nude beach on SPI, drive up the beach north of town past the condos, the convention center, Hurricane Flats, the county parks and all the valley families picnicking by the water. Keep driving until you find a nice dune on a non-populated stretch of beach. Take your clothes off. Don't forget the sunscreen.

Should you wish to sunbathe in relative privacy, it is just a short walk behind the dunes to one of many wind-sculpted grottos offering shelter from the lascivious and merely curious...

Will I Get Hassled?

Almost certainly not if you are tucked behind a dune. Probably not if you camp in plain view of traffic. Due to some drug deal activity north of town, the local constabulary does patrol on a regular basis - but peaceful naturists minding their own business is not what they are looking for.

UPDATE 3/14/05

We drove up the dune's to the point of the red log with "NUDE" painted on it. I had a GPS with me and thought I'd pass along that the nude beach area is at exactly N 26.20436 and above. Despite what some people may say, the nude beach (at least as it's indicated by the popular red "NUDE" log, is NOT yet in Willacy County. You have to go all the way to N 26.37474 which is probably another mile or so further drive down. But heck, when you drive nearly 10 miles past the highway end to get to this point, who's counting. Right? I have included a photo taken this evening at the red log, to give you an idea of what it looks like now. The most notable sign that you have reached this point is that it's right after a sunken shrimp boat out in the water about a hungred feet with it's mast in the air. When you see the shrimp boat in the water, you're basically at the nude beach.

UPDATE 10/15/99

We were at the SPI this weekend. Seven miles north of beach access five. Not a stich for two days. No problem! Thanks for the info! - Robert

UPDATE 9/5/99

    We have heard at least one disturbing report that nude sunbathers are being ticketed on the beaches north of town. Would appreciate any one writing in who can confirm this and provide us with details.

UPDATE 8/3/99

Thanks for putting up the page for SPI nude beach info. We just visited the beach site and found it to be just as advertised. The beach has two signs posted on large logs about 9 miles up from the last beach entrance. There was no way to get there without a 4x4 even at low tide. The trip was definately worth the effort. Plenty of open beach with very few people around during weekdays. Those that did drive by were pretty casual and not really trying to gawk. It appears that many people just like driving up the beach area all the way to the break. So, passers-by were frequently going through the area. We were happy to see a few couples actually out on the beach and not just the typical loner guys cruising. Mostly, everyone that stopped left plenty of room for eveyone else and we felt as though we owned the whole beach. We would recommend the place as well as the whole island as a great place to visit. We will definately return asap!


An update for south padre Island nude beach. As of 30May99 there are two signs now, one with an arrow pointing north and another a mile are so from the first saying"nude beach". The sun was great and not too many gawkers. You now have to turn in at the last entrAnce and pay $2.50 but they give you a trash bag to fill and drop off when you leave..WE are planning to return in July and hope to see more people on the beach..Larry


Our latest report comes from Jason, our 4-wheeling buddy from Brownsville. He forwarded the photo at left which is - to the the best of our knowledge - the current CO Beach indicator. He says it is located about 12 miles north of the convention centre, then goes on to add, ...last week there were some nude sunbathers violating the "understanding". They were right there on the main drag along the beach, no more than 1/2 a mile from access 6. No discrection whatsoever.

UPDATE 7/21/98

Visited SPI just this past weekend. Exactly 10 miles up the beach, north, from the #6 beach access road, is a marker, that from a distance resembles a large axe stuck in a sand dune, handle up. On, what you might consider the blade of that axe, sprayed in flourescent red paint, are the words "NUDE BEACH".

I was there on Friday afternoon. The beach was totally deserted. Not a human life form, north or south, as far as I could see, even with my binoculers. For about an hour, I took advantage of the situation, shed my swimsuit, and explored up and down the beach, and dunes. Had no trouble driving there in my rented economy car, as long as I stayed on the hard sand. If the tide were in, it would have been impossible to get there in a regular car...... JM

UPDATE 8/27/98

Sure glad you liked our sign! .... anonymous


Texas state obscenity laws are aimed at those who have the intent to arouse and or gratify sexual attention. That leaves some room for interpretation, so exercise common sense. If someone complains about your nakedness, put your clothes on and find another location.

The best way to prevent being hassled is to stay away from anyone who might be offended by your nudity, and on South Padre Island - even at the height of the tourist season (June-Aug) - that is incredibly easy to accomplish.

nude beach sign

What About Winter?

We have heard reports that there is a fairly large contingent of transplanted Midwesterners (affectionately known as "Winter Texans") who like to celebrate our mild winters by removing their clothing and frolicking naked in the dunes. (We are not sure about the "frolicking" stuff...)   

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