Have you heard about the sculpture garden in Xilitla? Great destination for a 2-day trip from SPI. Read sandy feet's report here

Consider a trip to Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico located about 2hrs from the Texas Border. This is a large, historic city with lots to offer.

Bus Across Mexico - The most inexpensive way to see Mexico - buy thebook or order a custom itinierary here.


sandy feet's tips for a trip to


There's almost always something going on here at South Padre Island - and if the weather is less than ideal or you can't find something else to do there is always Mexico - less than 30 miles away.



Mexico is a shopping maze of goods. Bartering is acceptable as long as the prices aren't marked; sometimes even if they are. Silver jewelry should be stamped .925 on a portion of the piece that is welded or a permanent part.

Liquor and beer are always a good value as are prescription drugs. Need a new pair of cowboy boots or a pound of coffee beans? This is where you want to go. Plenty of lunch options - we like Los Dos Republicas - and who knows? You may even find the perfect margarita.


Is a good hour's drive from South Padre Island, but Winter Texans especially seem to prefer it over Matamoros. We also have reports that Progreso is much more wheel-chair friendly.


Parking: Most people prefer to leave their vehicles on the US side of the bridge. There is metered parking as well as the parking lots of UT Brownsville and the Jacob Brown Auditorium Lot within walking distance of the bridge.

Walking: It costs 25 cents to walk to Mexico and 35 cents to return to the US. (This may have gone up.)

The Market: Is a couple of miles from the bridge. There are free buses, 35 cent maxi taxis or cabs that will take you there. Negotiate with the cabbie BEFORE you get in. $3 or $4 is acceptable and tipping is encouraged.

Drinking Age: In Mexico is 18.

Coming back into the US: All articles acquired in Mexico must be declared. You are allowed $400 exemption for gifts and personal articles. You may bring back 1 liter of alcoholic beverage and one case of beer per person over 21.

Note: US Customs has recently changed its policy regarding intoxicated partiers returning on foot from Mexico. Please be aware that they can and will arrest you for Public Intoxication if you are visibly drunk.

What you can't bring back: switchblade knives, Sea turtle boots or articles of any endangered species (i.e. crocadile or elephant), most fruits and meats.

City map of Matamoros

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