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SPI PHOTO ALBUM - April 2004

Sunset on the Intercoastal

My sweetie and I recently had the opportunity to travel up the channel in his 30 ft SeaRay - the "Sweat Equity." We spent the night out on the water close to Port Mansfield -- it was wonderful. Fred snapped this with my cellphone camera and I think it captures the moment perfectly.

Earth Day Beach Clean Up 4/24

The spring holidays are over and it just us locals and happy windsurfers keeping the party going 'til Memorial Day weekend. That - and the annual celebration of our planet - is a good enough reason to pick up and tidy up. Pictured above are members of a local family doing some free-lance unlittering on Thurs. in honor of Earth Day. What a fine example they are setting!

Bringing the Beach to the Faire 4/18/04

The SPI SoBs are having big fun at Scarborough Faire in Waxahachie. They will build their 3rd and final sand sculpture there this coming weekend. Pictured from left: Fred Mallett, sandy feet, & Amazin' Walter.

sunset on south padre

"Hoppy Easter" 4/10/04

Those silly SoBs are up to some holiday tricks again....

Stop by Wanna Wanna and get your picture taken in the basket -- and don't forget to leave a tip ;-)

Thanks to "Toad" for documenting the sculpture as well as helping out with the shoveling and carving duties! See more...

sunset on south padre

Sunset Conversation

And yet another beautiful photo from Don Miguel - this one of some visiting friends taking in another beautiful South Padre Island sunset.

Gorgeous Sunrise # 326

"Just another beautiful sunrise taken New Year's Day, 2004. You gotta get up early to get these, but they're absolutely worth it."

Thanks again to Keitha McAdoo for another beautiful shot.

3/30/04 - Rescued from the Jaws of Death!

How Twiggs the wondercat managed to snag herself a hummingbird in the first place is still a mystery. When I picked the tiny thing off the floor, I thought sure it was already dead. But a few minutes later the eyelids fluttered, the tiny claws unfolded and this baby flew off shortly after the photo was snapped!

Made my day :)

Beautiful SPI Bay Sunset # 452

The children are on their way back to school and THE ISLAND IS OURS AGAIN! (Shhh... don't tell them about how much fun we have after they leave - they might turn right around and come back! ;-)

Thanks to "Don Miguel" for sharing a really lovely sunset - shot from La Solana.

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