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New Experience that no one who comes to SPI should miss!
The Black Dragon is here and you can cruise like a pirate from the days of yore with ye olde pirate queen herself, Ruby Blackheart!
Lodging, activities and more -- get your fresh coupons right here and print up savings to many of the island's most popular attractions - spirited discussion of island news, events and concerns

  • SPI Music Festival - Oct. 31-Nov. 2, 2008 - Don't Miss it!

    Spring Break with Don and Edie
    See Spring Break through the eyes of some of our coolest Winter Texans
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    Saldivar Tamales and Food Store
    We are more than just Tamales, Saldivar Food prepares all sorts of smoked meats.  Continually seeking ways to better serve their customers -- "No Order Too Small, No Order Too Stupid"!
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    The PSJA Bear Den
    Anyone who ever attended Pharr/San Juan/Alamo schools will want to take a look at this site. Find out all the latest on reunions and what your former classmates are up to these days.
    Found at

  • New Site: has information on island entertainers - check it out!SPI360
    "Here at SPI360, we are providing a photographic based website featuring South Padre Island, Texas and It's sister city Port Isabel. Our goal is to bring not only a large quantity of pics, but also the finest in exposure with quality composition."

    What does Mary Mary Quite Contrary grow on South Padre Island? Island resident Nancy Marsden shows us what is blooming on SPI right now.

  • SPI INternational IDiotS Club
    We're a local group that just became a club......local hangout is Boomerang Billy's. 5 of us idiots (after a couple of beers, I might add) elected a President, VP and Sexretary and then had Liz at Ship Shape design a club t-shirt for us. Within the next 2 days, we had 45 members. We have a website! (you have to click the blue thingy to see it!)

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