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SPI PHOTO ALBUM - August 2004


This is a graphic reminder of what can happen when you get having too much fun on the beach north of town. The inset shows the vehicle at high tide, the main photo is at low tide.

Thanks to whoever sent this to me (I tried to e-mail you back for photo credit info but the e-mail address bounced.) Click on the image to see a larger version.

Update: I just heard from Gary Graham - the tow truck operator who pulled this vehicle out - and who was happy to fill in some details: the vehicle was originally just stuck - about 17 miles north of access #6. The owner called in for help and - after being told the price tag would be $120 plus milege - declined the assist. Bad idea. Gary says by the time he got to it the windows were broken out and someone and jumped all over the roof. It was, of course, a total loss.

A cautionary tale if I ever heard one.

8/28/04 - South Padre Island Skateboarders Competition

Turnout was great reflecting a lot of community support for a cement skateboard park on South Padre Island. We haven't heard what he final tally was on this fundraising effort but we are sure there is still a long way to go. Stay tuned for more details on how the community can continue to support this effort.

Photo by Fred Mallett, an Island Alderman who has been spending a lot of time helping the skaters get organized.

8/25/04 - School Started This Week

I wish I had taken this same shot just a week ago for comparison purposes.

It is hard on business but if you have any island-savvy at all you worked hard all summer long while the people were here so that you could enjoy a day like this on a blissfully-deserted beach.

Windsurfer Group Supports Turtle Group Effforts

Herman Rhein, treasurer for the South Padre Island Windsurf Assoc. presents Jeff George of Sea Turtle Inc. a check for $1000 as a portion of funds raised by the SPI Windsurf Blowout held annually the first weekend of May every year. This donation will underwrite the cost of upkeep on one ‘turtle tank’ for one year which includes the feeding and rehabilitation of rescued turtles.

South Padre Island Windsurfing was founded to retain and improve present water access locations, as well as to create a safe, fun, and clean environment for all water sports. www.spiwindsurfing.com

8/14/04 - "Sweat Equity" & Crew

Capt. Fred, your humble webwiz, Dolores and her favorite cowboy Doyle enjoy the terra firma again after rockin' and rollin' in Charley's swells the morning of the Ladies Kingfish Tournament. I am not much for fishing but had fun nonetheless - Dolores brought home a sized large Bonito and a blackfin tuna that I had the pleasure of watching her coax right into the boat (with Capt. Fred coaching every step.) It was a sight to see!

Congrats to the winners - you can find the list at I.B. Hooks new column (though it would appear that I.B. himself is AWOL and had nothing to do with it.) Photo by Richard Stockton.

Morning on the Bay

Yet another great South Padre Island shot from the camera of Don Miguel - you can almost taste that first cup of coffee and hear the putt putt of a bay boat heading out across the glassy surface of the Laguna Madre, eh?

8/8/04 - Charlton Family Reunion

South Padre Island is a great place to gather for a family reunion, and nothing brings a family together like a great big sand castle project. I worked with the Charlton Family a few days ago and as you can see, these folks really did a great job. About 10 people worked for two hours to create this beauty.

8/1/04 - Getting Ready for LKT

Dolores Ferrentino of The Massage and Healing Arts Center practices her form on a dry run in preparation for the Ladies Kingfish Tournament. Dolores will be joining your humble webwiz along with co-captains Fred Mallett and Doyle Wells aboard the fine ship "Sweat Equity" for the off-shore division of the tournament. Fish may or may not be caught, but a good time for all is pretty much guaranteed.

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