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sandy feet's south padre island photo album - September, 2005

9/3/05 Fred at Sunset on the Last Fireworks Cruise of the Season

Photo courtesy of Valerie Bates

Another loss this week was that of my good friend and one-time employer and landlord, Kit Lokey. Kit was always good to me and I can thank him in part for the lovely dwelling I now call home. IB Hooked has written a nice memorial column to the man (permalinked PDF.) Adios, Kitster -- you will be missed and I hope there is lots of rum wherever you find yourself....

9/21 -- And Today's Lesson is.... Sandcastles!

I ain't scared of no hurricane -- especially when all those smart people on the weather channel say its going to hit hundreds of miles north of us. However, I will once again be shooting pics with my cell phone camera and uploading them to my flickr page (just like I did with Emily) so if you are interested in seeing SPI through my eyes this weekend, feel free!

Had a great sandcastle lesson today. Almost no one on the beach.

9/22 -- High Tides Courtesy of Rita - Don't Forget Your Inhaler

Storm surges from Hurricane Rita swamp the parking lot at Isla Blanca Park on the south end of Padre Island. We are very lucky that about all we are going to get from Rita is good waves for the surfers, and we hear that a crowd of evacuees is headed this way.

Unfortunately, they will find the beaches of South Padre somewhat less accommodating than they usually are. The storm has created dangerous riptide conditions, causing the town to declare the beaches closed. Furthermore, the crashing waves are increasing the effects of the red tide bloom, causing a lot of coughing and sneezing along the coast.

Come One, Come All (But Don't Forget Your Inhaler)

Watch the wave action live on SPI-cam.

Aliens Have Landed!

Yes, the redtide is THAT BAD.

Why We Need A Continuous Dune Ridge

Hurricane Rita is hundreds of miles away, and look how our poor beach is getting battered. The dunes are doing a fabulous job of holding back the swells, but where there are no dunes, there is.... this. Any chance at all that we can draw conclusions and change our beach management policies from looking at photos like this? Slideshow of what Rita has done to our beaches over the past two days

Probably not. (sigh)

Butterfly Garden Attracts the Swallowtail

Last April I posted a photo of Nancy in the butterfly garden she was planting and beginning to maintain at the public beach access near Marlin St. With no assistance and very little rain (she pulled cartloads of water from her house to keep the garden alive) she has created a little island of native flowering plants where there was previously only dust and weeds.

Today she sends evidence of her success. Hooray for Nancy!
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