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SPI PHOTO ALBUM - October 2004

Spooky Skate Jam

Halloween means tricks…. and battle of the bands for the South Padre Island Texas Skate group (SPITS) at the SPI Convention Centre on Sunday. Donations of $5 to skate & jam to the tunes were collected in support of this very enthusiastic crowd of skaters! Funds raised go to build a permanent skate park on South Padre Island.

10/24 - Sand Castle Days 2004 - Best One Yet!

The sculptors are packing up their equipment, but DJ Geoff is still making music, the vendors are still hawking some lovely wares, and there is still plenty to see and do at the Sheraton. There was very little overnight damage to the sculpture (see demo sculpture detail pictured above) and if last year is any indication, there should be plenty of interest to look at for several days. So if you are on the Island and haven't been to the Sheraton beach yet, get your buns over there and check it out!

For contest results and photos (yours truly is working on getting them up ASAP), visit the sand castle days website.

Sand Castle Days - Now in Progress!

Karen Fralich of Toronto - current holder of the world championship sand sculpting title - puts the finishing touches on a pirate gracing the demo sculpture at the Sheraton. Work on that sculpture continues today, and the masters contest starts on Thursday. For the updated schedule and other good stuff, visit the sand castle days website.

Sign O' The Times

This photo illustrates a point of major contention between South Padre Island and our nearest mainland neighbor. Port Isabel's attempt to annex property on the Island is now working its way through the courts. We hate to see both towns' surplus funds get eaten up by lawyers' fees, but we also hate to see signs like this on our Island. So apparently did the person who took a baseball bat to this sign, posted just south of the Island Equestrian Center.

Photo shot by Fred Mallett.

Oct. 6, 2004 - Big Ol' Rainbow

I shot this from my driveway as I was heading off to the Board of Alderman meeting.

We had had lots and lots of rain lately which only partially explains why the grass is so green. (The aother part of the reason is my cell phone camera which really seems to like the color green....)

Oct. 3, 2004 - Walk for Women

Shot from our balcony just a few minutes ago.... Organizers are estimating that something like 1400 participated!!! (In a town of only about 2400 residents, that's a fairly impressive turnout.)

Oct. 1, 2004 - Wags the Wonderdog

Meet Wags - my little buddy dog. He likes Oct. best because his best friends are finished traveling to sand castle contests, the weather has cooled off some and there are so few people on the beach that we can slip the leash every now and again (shhhhh - don't tell!)

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