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SPI PHOTO ALBUM - November 2004

11/27/04 - Idiots on Parade

No disrespect intended to the drivers of these rigs - they are just doing their jobs - but who the heck decided a beautiful day during a crowded holiday weekend was a great time to move massive equipment around on the beach??!!! What you are looking at here is a large 'dozer, towing another large 'dozer towing a massive length of pipe being pushed by another big 'dozer. All moving very slowly but still causing beach users to scramble out of harm's way.

Fred & I just happened to be on the beach right then enjoying the SPI Idiots Club "Idiots Gone Wild" festivities. Fred couldn't resist grabbing the organization's flag and joining the parade. Had I one more margarita in my system, I may have climbed aboard for a ride (showing just how large an idiot I am capable of being) -- but I managed to control that urge.

I know the city leaders are eager to get on with this year's installment of beach renourishment (even though the beach isn't narrow and IMHO we just don't need this filth spewing on the beach this winter -- but don't get me started.) Still, this kind of activity on a very busy holiday weekend seems truly -- idiotic. And not in a nice way.

A Message from Big Band Phil & Carolyn

Phil and his big band has been a winter icon here for -- decades I believe. His music has spanned the generations for a lot of us here on SPI, and I for one am really going to miss these two this year.....

After months of thinking, looking, waiting, weighing and wondering, this week we made a reservation in FL effective 1/1/05. We're very sorry we will not be seeing or playing for you this winter. We'll be back on the road to an extremely musical town called The Villages. Your friendship and support will always be remembered and appreciated, and I'm sure our paths will meet again. Just wanted you to know first-hand. We'll sincerely miss you and our many other "loyal listeners" and friends.

bbPhil & Carolyn

SPI Visitors Center Christmas Tree

In case you have never seen a Christmas tree carved from sand - built by your humble web wiz and Alderdude Fred Mallett this week. Gather here tomorrow at 6 PM for cookies and caroling with Mr. & Mrs. Claus.

More holiday sand sculpture news: Sandcastling with Santa! Sat., Dec. 4, 11 AM - 3 PM (weather permitting) on the beach at Wanna Wanna (Island Inn.) Come by for a family photo opportunity with a Holiday-Themed sand sculpture as well as free half hour sand castle lessons on the hour.

Spi-Cam Moving Soon

At the moment, spi-cam is still focused on the jetties. I know the lighting is a bit weird but it really is an incredibly beautiful day here.

I think I have convinced the household geek to move spi-cam back to his condo sometime soon so everyone can watch as work progresses on his kitchen remodel project and perhaps catch a game of billiards on the new table - built to order and freshly installed by US Classic Billiards.

Stay Tuned!

11/16/04 - Cameras Focus on SPI

A huge production crew was in town last weekend to capture footage for a commercial that will be used to promote Texas tourism. The weather was less than ideal and it is truly a shame they couldn't have arrived just a couple of days earlier when we had that run of lovely warm sunshiny days, but that's show biz!

Whenever camera crews pull into town, SPI trots out the local sand castle builder. And I even got paid for this one!

11/15/04 - Fog Rolls In; Fog Rolls Out

If you have nothing better to do, you can watch it in progress RIGHT NOW on spi-cam! (currently located on the 12th floor of Saida Royale, pointed at the jetties.)

11/11/04 Terroristic or Touristic? A Tiny Turtle Tale

An unauthorized trespasser is spotted crawling at low speed up the private beach access at the Lighthouse Condo Complex. Are its purposes nefarious or innocent? In the photo we see SPI Alderman Fred Mallett about to investigate.

Suspect Apprehended

The trespasser - apparently of the "box turtle" variety, is picked up, removed from the private access path and (gently) interrogated.

Suspect Released

After determining that the turtle's mission - while still mysterious - was not terroristic in nature, Mallett gives the turtle the benefit of the doubt and releases it. The creature immediately "scampers" back into the brush.

Angry Seas

This dramatic shot of a shrimp boat was forwarded to us by our good buddy Chuck over at spi360.com, who writes:

This was taken during dawn as the recent cold front blew in. I know the weather is turning back to beautiful, but thought you might want to use this pic...

The weather has indeed turned beautiful but another cold front is scheduled to arrive in our neighborhood by this time next week.

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