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SPI PHOTO ALBUM - December 2004

12/8/04 Finally - Signs of Activity

Three weeks ago this length of pipe was deposited on the beach where Wags and I walk every morning. Then nothing.

Until today. I talked to a gentleman who told me that they would be starting to dredge and spew as early as Thursday and my beach (just north of Suntide II) is where they will start. They will work their way north adding the lengths of pipe that are currently stacked up on the beach in front of the Lighthouse Condominiums.

12/12/04 - "Beach Quality Sand"

Well, that is what the powers that be claim, but it sure doesn't look like anything I would want to build a sand castle with...

The beach renourishment project is finally in motion with contractors pumping material dredged from the Brownsville Ship Channel onto the beach in front of Lighthouse Condos. It is likely to be close to the end of Jan. before the project is completed.

On a lighter note, last weekend was a good one for holiday parties - including Toby Beau's annual White Elephant party and Merry Martini. I snapped a few pics on my cellphone camera before everyone got too wasted - check 'em out here.

Our host - Balde Silva - was semi-sorta surprised by a 50th birthday celebration this year. (His birthday is actually not until Feb. but since he will be on a cruise ship then Renetta decided an early celebration on SPI might be nicer for the B-day boy. She's thoughtful that way, Renetta is.) Below is the SPIpostie I created special just for Balde.

12/17/04 - Breaking News

4 PM - Wags and I are taking our afternoon constitutional when we notice that all the firetrucks and police vehicles are doing something over at Mirage T-shirt shop. I ask a cop loitering nearby if it is a fire. He sez "Yup."

Below is a picture shot the next day - you can see just a tiny bit of damage at the top of the turret... Can't help but wonder how the heck a fire got started way up there? Employees smoking a doobie or something?

12/19/04 - Whole Lot of Nothing Goin' On

For several days now there has been nada enchilada happening here at beach renourishment central. Plenty of vehicles and equipment and a large, spiffy new sign -- but no workers and no signs of activity. At this rate, they will still be pumping by spring break.

If anyone can give me any insight as to why this project has come to a complete standstill I would love to hear it.

12/21/04 - Resting Up Before the Big Day

We had heard rumors that South Padre Island is Santa Claus' favorite place to rest up before his annual all-nighter - rumors that this photo would seem to support.

Thanks to "Don Miguel" for yet another great photo.

12/24/04 - Ho Ho Ho...SNOW!?

The weather is definitely the story for Christmas of 2004. I have been receiving e-mail from all over the country from folks who just heard on TV that SPI is expecting snow today. (See forecast below.)

Last night Fred was outside and saw something white blowing sideways in the wind - he called it "snow pellets."

It would be lovely to have a White Christmas here on SPI, but at the moment it is just very cold, very windy and there is no way this rain can be called "light." Good day to stay in and bake cookies, I think.

"Nowcast as of 8:58 am CST on December 24, 2004

Through 11 am...light rain will continue over south Hidalgo County, and Cameron and Willacy counties. Mixed with rain will be isolated light showers, occasional light sleet, and a few snow flurries. Further inland there will be a more chances of intermittent snow flurries. Drivers should slow down for the wet roads, and allow sufficient stopping distance. High profile vehicles should be alert to the the gusty north winds of 20 to 30 mph will on overpasses."

12/25/04 - Ho Ho Ho...SNOW!?

Yes indeed. This has to be the first white Christmas South Padre Island has seen in many deades - maybe ever...??!!

It was really weird. So of course everyone had to document the occasion. Click here to see photos of Padre in snow.

Thanks to everyone who contributed!

12/27/04 - Good Fishin'

South Padre Islander Amazin' Christy - daughter of the Amazin' Walter - sends this photo and report after a fishing expedition with Capt. Randy:

"We may have had snow on Christmas but tonight we ate speckled trout! YUM!
Dad and I kept 9 trout and one red fish...we threw back about 50! FUN FUN!!!"

12/31/04 - A Pelican Feeding Frenzy

Our last photo for the year comes courtesy of Don Miguel, who writes:

A week or two ago the mullet were in the thousands causing the brown pelicans to go crazy....there were hundreds of the 'browns' but unfortunately my pics simply cannot begin to do justice to what can only be called.....An amazing sight!