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Do you live on South Padre?
Have you ever lived on South Padre?
Do you fantasize about living on South Padre?
Do you have a homepage that says something nice about South Padre?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions and have a homepage that says something nice about South Padre Island, we want your link! Click here to add your URL. Thanks!

Find a Local - past, present or future.Click here to add your info.

new Click Here to see a new page of links to local musician's sites.
(If you and/or your band have a home page and perform in the SPI area, please submit your URL and a brief description to sandy feet for your free listing.)

nita & jay

Nita & Jay Stephens are frequent visitors to SPI and have a really fun homepage!

Jim Clark's Homepage
Am I the Jim Clark you're looking for? I lived in Westminster, Colorado from 1969 - 1998, and before that in Springfield, Missouri and Trenton, Missouri. Now I'm retired in Alamo, Texas, in the Rio Grande Valley right at the Mexican border.
Found at http://www.aescon.com/jclark/

Jerry's Laguna Madre South Padre Island Sail Page
-- Area Map, Events, Stories, Photos, Lists of interest to sailors.
Found at http://onjerrys.home.mindspring.com/

Southern Bunch
There's something fishy here!
Found at http://www.davidbrady.org

Tom's South Padre Island Page
South Padre Island from Tom's point of view. Where I like to stay, where I like to eat, and some cool pictures and graphics (some original) thrown in to look at. I hope you'll stop by and have a look! - - Tom
Found at http://members.aol.com/teeginkc/spi.html

LANMAN's Page O' Wedded Bliss
- Join the Lanman and his lovely new bride Carol as they honeymoon on South Padre Island
Found at http://home.earthlink.net/~iam4uk/carolan.html

Casa DeShong
Found at http://users.hsonline.net/deshong/

Aguiar - Arce North Beach Project
This Project will mark a beginning to the development to north of South Padre Island. We encourage any other N. South Padre Island property owners to begin planning & construction.(We need neighbors)
Found at http://home.earthlink.net/~desi1966/

At the Beach with Don & Edie - cool pics from SPI
Found at http://home.att.net/~dande/Beach/

Elias Tobias Poetry Pages
Welcome to the World of Words, a web page that features poetry I have written over the last 30 or so years. Tips on getting your poetry published.
Found at http://members.tripod.com/~EliasTobias/index.html

Beach Buddies
Travel with us to beaches, see sand sculptures & lighthouses. South Padre Island is where it all started for us, so we are partial to it. See pictures of the beach, Sandcastle Days, and the Port Isabel Lighthouse.
Found at http://members.aol.com/beachbuddy/beachbuddies.htm

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