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SPI Windsurfers Association
Find out what is going on in the local windsurfing community at this new site
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Windsurfer rentals and instruction... Jibber will deliver and set up your rig anywhere on the island. Kayak and bicycle rentals as well.
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Windsurf Inc. is a fully stocked retail and rental store with equipment rigged and ready to go, which makes sailing more enjoyable and changing gear hassle free.
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Teran Hughes and Phillip Money, former U.S. Production Board Speed Record Holder and owner of Windsurf Inc welcome you to the Island's newest full service Kiteboarding operation. South Padre Kiteboarding is co-located with Windsurf Inc. on South Padre Island.We are a full service provider: Kiteboard and accessory sales, lessons, lodging, and free encouragement.
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Air Padre Kiteboarding
Air Padre Kiteboarding offers a certified method for entry into the incredible sport of kiteboarding or kitesurfing.  South Padre Island is one of the best places in the USA to take kiteboarding lessons, or improve on existing skills.  SPI's shallow bay waters, coupled with our consistent winds and tropical temperatures, make for a rare combination which is ideal for kiteboarding, kitesurfing lessons.
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SPI Kiteboarding
Located at the tip of South Texas, South Padre Island is one of the finest beach resort destinations in the US. Year-round warm weather, affordable and the ultimate kiteboarding conditions in the U.S. We offer perfect winds, waverunner support, reasonable lodging, experienced and certified instructors.
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Have you ever gone to the beach and seen what looks like a parachute towing a person on a surfboard and wondered, "What is that?" Well, it's called Kiteboarding or Kitesurfing. Check out our website to find out how you can learn this new extreme sport safely, quickly, and cost effectly.
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