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Jan. 2000


beachcam snapshot 1/20/00 5:05 pm

the turtle lady

Ila Fox Loetcher aka "The Turtle Lady"

10/30/04 - 1/4/00

Left: The whole Island mourns the passing of The Turtle lady on Jan. 4, 2000 - yet celebreates a life that made a tremendous impact on efforts to save the dwindling sea turtle population. To get some idea of the legacy she leaves behind, take a look a

Below: It was standing room only at the Chapel by the Sea for Ila's memorial service on Jan. 21. Pictured below are members of her family who flew in from all over the country to help the island pay its final respects. Front right is Olive, Ila's twin sister.

ila's family

happy new year

sandy feet's happy new year sculpture 12/31/99

Lillian Standfield>

Snapshot 1/21/00: This lady sings the blues ... a favorite among locals and Winter Texans and anyone else who enjoys good music. Catch Lillian at Hookers Upstairs Bar Friday evenings.

pelican convention

Lillian Standfield

Big Band is Back

Phil & Carolyn - along with the other talented members of the "Big Band" are entertaining fans of all ages at BJ Pelicans in Port Isabel every weekend.



causeway backup

What's Going On Here?

Snapshot 1/22/00: It only looks like spring break. For some reason, the police were not letting anyone leave the Island last Sat. night. No clues in the Press.... (shot from the 12th floor of Saida Royale.)

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