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Spring 2002

Spring Break '02 blew through here as it always does this time of year. Lucky for me, Dad Feets took over most of the documenting chores - you can see his most excellent coverage on the DADCAM pages.

I was thrust (involuntarily) into the middle of it when the house next door got rented out to a very large crew of 'breakers. They did a great job of trashing the place with nightly parties, but the gentleman on the far right was (apparently) the designated unlitterer and a fine job he did of it. All in all, the kiddos in my neighborhood behaved themselves and I truly appreciated their cleanup efforts.

Happy big 4-OH! to Dunehead (pictured below with a very tacky hula dnacer on his head - don't ask us why.) Dunehead and Deb recently reopened the diner at Kelly's - we will be updating their new web-site ( very soon...

party on, dunehead!

St. Patrick's Day '02 at Kelly's

Corned beef was the special... Darla pushes "toe thongs"..... Lots of "wearing of the green!" Dave Lewis told me not to mention that he is really a Scotsman.... Kelly, Jackie, Karen and Norma kept everyone in good spirits... Steve manned the door and what would St. Patty's Day be without an appearance by Rojo? (and Kimberly too :)

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