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April 2002

bye bye Mom and Dad Feets You know spring is truly here when the parental units head back to Michigan....

We had a nice gathering to wish them farewell, inspiring me to write the following bit of (bad) poetry:

Back in Michigan
(and elsewhere I reckon)
The snow is melting
and the grandkids beckon.

And Keeper, the dog
is feeling quite sad
She dreams of the beach
and truck rides with her dad.

So Mom and Dad Feets
are packing it up
and heading back north
to their other home and pup

They will be missed,
of that there's no doubt,
for the summer, my parents
I will have to be without.

We know they'll be back
when the north wind prevails
But for now, please come by
and wish them happy trails!

Mom Feets enjoys one last breakfast at Ted's

on the road

Next stop: Michigan!

The Saida Royale Tennis Club's last meeting of the Season

Easter at Amazin's - organization by Laurie - big fun had by everyone!

egg cup

March 30, 2002
I have been spending a lot of time in my back yard sandbox practicing for my next big sand sculpture contest in Port Aransas. This chick eggcup is one element of the whole, which will be entitled "Still Life with Chicken."

Misc. Spring Shots

You might be seeing more new shots in the near future... my newest toy is the teeny-tiny "Espion" digital camera -- looks more like a lighter than a camera. The shots are low-res and sometimes come out a little strange-looking (witness the pic of Marge, Wahoo Bartender below) but it sure is easy to take every where I go!

Right: Self portrait with the new camera and
Walter getting smooched up at the Schlitterbahn Locals party by Molly and Judith.

fire in the neighborhood

4/18/02 - Fire in the Neighborhood

This picture was shot from my driveway last Friday. Have not yet heard what caused it, though I was told that the house was abandoned. Despite being right across the street form the fire dept., the house appears to be a total loss.

sand castle lesson

4/22/02 - Sand Castle Season is Here!

April/May is when good boys and girls get rewarded with a field trip to the beach. Over 100 band kids from Lake Travis High School got a sand castle lesson from the SPI Sons of the Beach -- good fun was had by all.

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