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December 2001



Last night I attended Balde and Renetta’s 13th annual White Elephant Party for the first time. Over a hundred people attended, bearing a gift for the White Elephant Exchange. There was a banquet table overflowing with an array of delicious food and open bar. After everyone had mingled for a while we formed a circle with our chairs and the gift exchange began. Everyone had a number and you could feel the excitement in the air. You see, when it was your turn you could either pick a gift that was wrapped, or you could "steal" gift that had already been opened. If you choose the latter, the person holding that gift would then steal someone else's gift. After 30 seconds the whistle blew and the person left standing would then go to the tree. The first number was called and it turned out to be Teri Galloway whom I hadn’t seen in years. She entertained us all as she danced across the ballroom floor with a large plastic bag (turns out she’s in charge of unlittering). Early on someone opened a small red cooler filled with chocolate kisses and a frozen fifty dollar bill. That was a favorite for a while. Lucky for us Tony Schaub brought one of his original art pieces. Richard Stockton graced us with a large framed picture of The Island that we love so much. I want to say thank-you to Balde and Renetta for starting a tradition that I hope never dies. I saw people I hadn't seen for some time and I’m so thankful I did.

The 13th Annual White Elephant Party!


Above: Remick discovers too late her error...

Left: Loose Reed was happy with his (not a Sears) Pither

Below: Chillo was briefly an owner of this anatomically amazing statue


Blackbeards' Christmas Party
(photo below courtesy of Dennis Barrett)


merry martini

sandy feet and fred

Merry Martini 2001

Above Right: Amazin', Laurie and Gene in the holiday finery

Left: Your humble web-wiz with her date, Fred Mallett ("Island Elegant" indeed, no?)

Below: Stuart and Dolores -- pre-party

Stuart and Dolores

Lighted Christmas Parade Winners ... congrats to Amazin' Walter and his amazing daughter Christy!

Marching Bands
1.Pt. Isabel High School Marching Band
2. Porter High School Jazz Band
3. James Pace High School Marine Corps JROTC Drum & Bugle

1. Town of South Padre Island - Santa Float
2.Blue Marlin - Snooopy float
3.SPI Chamber Retail Trades

Non Floats:
1. Remote Control Car - Christy McDonald
2. Pt. Isabel High School Drill Team
3. Derry Dolls - Derry Elementary School

Grand Champion:

Amazin' Walter - Bahia Mar

Above: Amazin' used over 2000 lights this year...

left and below: Christy and her remote-controlled car!

What Christmas parade is complete without dogs and Santa on a wave rider?

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