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Spring 2001

byebye dune

SPI Building Boom in Action

One of the last in-town stretches of natural beach was recently cleared and flattened in preparation for the building of a two-tower condominium complex. I can't help but wonder what happened to all the little critters that used to call the vegetation home....

a toast to spring break

Time to Padre!

A foam wave spills like a waterfall into the dancing crowd of springbreakers at the Bahia Mar Resort on S. Padre Island, Tx. Put together Spring Breakers, Music, Alcohol and Foam and you've got a party!
Spring Break 2001 - The Bahia Mar Resort -South Padre Island, Texas
Report & photo submitted by Dennis Barrett at -- see more pictures here

Must Be Easter...

Now here's something you don't see real often - a traffic jam on Gulf Blvd. There are about a jillion people here right now - lots of cars, most sporting south of the border license plates. It's a pain if you get stuck in the traffic, but someone's gotta be hearing the happy jingle of cash registers... (wish it were me!)

a toast to spring break

a toast to spring break

Ain't She Purty

Captain Randy Rogers, fishing Rip Tide Lures, guides Amazin' Walter to this 29.5" speckled trout caught in the South Padre Island Texas area March 25th... she weighed in at 8.5lbs... watch Amazin' draw a picture of it here (computer graphics by amazin' walter... photo by Dennis Barrett.)

Bye By Lizzie Bell

Gone but not forgotten - In the interests of pursuing higher education, our Liz (below, center) has left for San Antonio. Kelly's Irish Pub just won't be the same without her. See more pictures of this evening here.

bye bye lizzie bell

easter weekend

A residental area on S. Padre lies in ruins at the north end of the island ....

After being up for more than a year, time, birds and the curious had taken a toll on the SPI Convention Centre sand sculpture. This week it is out with the old, and in with the new. Check back for more photos of this work in progress by the Sons of the Beach Sand Castle Wizards.

cc castle day 2

Day Two of the Re-Build

A new sculpture is coming to life in the box outside the SPI Convention Centre. Stop by and see this work in progress!

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