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White Elephant Pary - Dec.21, 1998

Balde & Renneta - known near and far as "Toby Beau", throw what has got to be one of the coolest of local Christmas Parties every year. You bring a gift, pick a number, and when your # is called you can either a. pick a random gift from under the tree, or b. steal someone else's already opened gift. Of course, someone else can steal it away from you as well.

This is full-contact gift exchange at its finest.

laurie and angie


Left: Laurie and Angie admire Laurie's anti-PMS candle

Above: DeOnda retrieves the silver drink shaker she coveted

Below: Ed, Mary Jane and Balde admire the newest addition to the Walsh family

Right: MC Rudy cracks up over Frosty the Snowman"



Below: Dave L., Aziza, amazin' Walter, Laurie & Paul Brass

Right: Jackie just loved her bowling clock

the brasses

tom & jackie

Below: as the evening went on, some desperate characters tried to make their gifts more attractive to theives by sweeting the pot with a little cash

Right: Hey Meg - who is Kenny and why did you kill him?

take me please

meg killed kenny

Jas briefly had possession of the hat I painted for the event...

jas hat

ren hat

so did Rennetta. I think it looks better on her.

"Flag on the Play!" Ref Michael ust doing his job


feet prize

I ended up with something truly cool for a change - a bottle of "handmade vodka" with two fish goblets.

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