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So You Wanna Be a Local???

I get lots of e-mail from people who think they want to relocate to SPI. While it is in fact a very cool place to live, it is not for everyone (thank goodness!) Below you will find a simple test I have devised that will help you figure out if you have what it takes to become an SPI local.

1. I am:
a) bilingual
b) monolingual but willing to learn
c) monolingual and think everyone else should be, too

2. I would love to be able to wake up in the morning...
a) to a long walk on the beach
b) to a view of the ocean
c) without a trace of sand in my sheets

3. My favorite weather conditions are
a) hot and sunny, balanced by a cool gulf breeze
b) hot and humid, period
c) generally warm with big seasonal temperature swings

4. My career goals include
a) servicing tourists until I figure out my own personal get-rich-slow scheme
b) acceptance of lower-than-the-national-average wage in my chosen profession while slowly working my way up the ladder
c) getting rich quick

5. My favorite leisure activities include at least one of the following:
a) fishing, boating, roller-blading, water sports, sand castle building, enjoying live music at a local pub, lounging/reading on the beach or by the pool
b) bowling, mall strolling, cruising the main drag
c) ballet, opera, clubs with dress codes

6. I think a fair price for a decent 2BR apt. is
a) $700-$1000/month
b) $300-$600/month
c) free

7. My preferred cuisine when dining out includes
a) seafood, burgers, steak, BBQ, Italian
b) Mexican or Chinese
c) French

8. My clothing tastes run to
a) t-shirts, flip-flops, shorts, bathing suits, sun dresses
b) ties, socks, Calvin Klein
c) spike heels, tuxedos, Prado

9. I think people who live on the Island
a) are among the friendliest, happiest and luckiest people I know
b) don't realize how good they have it
c) are basically a bunch of low-life drunks

Scoring: Give yourself 3 points for every a) answer, 2 points for every b) answer, and 1 point for every c) answer

What the Scores Mean:
9-13: You would be miserable on the Island. Do everyone involved a favor and look to relocate elsewhere
14-20: You might be able to survive on the Island, but may be happier living on the mainland -- close enough for frequent trips over the causeway
21-27:You're going to love it here; what are you waiting for?

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