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Every now and then I have a thought. Sometimes I wonder how other people feel about this thought I have had. So you would be doing me a big favor by telling me how YOU feel about MY thoughts. You may vote once a day on any poll that interests you.

Update 1/1/01: I will be adding lots of new booths over the coming weeks regarding the "best" of SPI and surrounding areas. I think this info will be of interest to first-time visitors as well as repeaters, so informed participation is greatly appreciated.

Open Polls:
Sargassum Weed Disposal (opened 5/19/01)

The weed is not as thick as it was, but it will doubtless return. What do you think should be the city's official policy; remove it or let it lie? (Read feet's column on this subject here.)

Best SPI Area Restaurant - Fine Dining (opened 1/1/01)

Where do you like to go for that romantic splurge meal? Pick a listed option or write in your favorite.

Texas Week Traffic Control (opened 3/17/00)

How many of you locals-who-ought-to-know-better got caught in the scenic loop to Charlie's route during Texas week? Yeah, well me too. I want to hear what you thought about the new traffic control plan: effective? ineffective? Extremely stupid?

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Most Popular Bartender (opened 1/00):

This month’s poll is directed at anyone who has ever passed some time in a local watering hole. SPI is known for having some of the best and friendliest drink-pourers in the biz - so who is your personal favorite?

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Best SPI Hotel (opened 1/1/01)

There are only four but which one do you think offers the best amenities for the money?

Previous Poll Results

Best Peel & Eat Shrimp Poll

Which local restaurant serves up the most satisfying mound of peel & eat shrimp for the money?

Number of
Percent of
11 33.3% Dolphin Cove Oyster Bar
8 24.2% Wahoo Saloon
7 21.2% Gulf Coast Oyster Bar
5 15.1% Jake's
1 3% Blackbeards'
1 3% San Marcos Suns Annual Sand Castle Shindig

The Burger Wars Poll

In your opinion, which area restaurant serves up the tastiest burger?

Number of Votes Percent of Votes Restaurant
30 55.5% Hooker's Upstairs Bar
14 25.9% BlackBeards
3 5.5% Kelly's Diner
2 3.7% Ben & Jack's
2 3.7% D'Pizza Joint
1 1.8% Jake's
1 1.8% Burger King
1 1.8% Tom Jerrys

SPI Off-Season

Boy it suddenly got quiet around here! This poll asked what you think is the best reason to visit/hang around SPI after the summer season ends:

Summer weather without the summer crowds 28 78.3 %
SPI Sand Castle Days 7 18.4 %
Locals parties 2 5.3 %
Hurricane Roulette 1 2.6%
SPI Bikefest 0 0.0%
TOTAL 38 100.00 %

The Millenium Party Bug

This poll looks ahead to the new millennium: Where do YOU plan to be at 11:59 pm on Dec. 31, 1999?

partying my butt off on SPI 9 39.1 %
somewhere else 9 39.1 %
at home watching everyone else party on TV 3 13 %
holed up in a bunker waiting for the world to end. 2 8.7 %
TOTAL 23 100.00 %

Athletic Type Swimsuits for Men

This one is aimed at my female visitors, but men were certainly invited to participate as well. The topic is men's swimwear and the qestion is - Are Speedos "gross"?

Buff or no, Speedos are gross 16 40 %
A very personal thing; comfort should be the deciding factor 11 27.5 %
Speedos are okay - but only on guys sporting the buffest of builds 7 17.5%
Irrelevent - I frequent clothing optional beaches 6 15%
TOTAL 40 100.00 %

Windy Days

Having trouble keeping your hat on? Been eating a lot of sand during your sand castle building sessions? Hell yes it's windy here! Especially in the spring. What you do when the wind blows?

Go fly a kite 1 7.7 %
Go wind surfing 5 38.5 %
Defy it by ignoring it
6 46.2%
Sit inside and whine about it 1 7.7%
TOTAL 61 100.00 %

Sand Castle Days

Sand castle Days is in very real danger of ceasing to exist. How do YOU feel about this?

I think we need to keep it alive! 54 88.5 %
I think we need to revamp the event 7 11.5 %
I think the money would be better spent elsewhere 0 0.0%
TOTAL 61 100.00 %

Spring break

Let's talk about Spring Break: What is your LEAST favorite thing about it?

he fact that it ends 35 68.6 %
the traffic 6 11.8 %
the noise
4 7.8%
4 7.8%
the old people telling me to turn it down
2 3.9%
the bikinis
0 0.0%
TOTAL 51 100.00 %


The folks trying to bring a water park to the Island are giving it another stab. This time they are looking at county property just north of Isla Blanca Park. This park would undoubtedly bring more people and business to the island, but some concerns of the locals include destruction of wetlands and increased traffic right by the bridge.

Do you think that Schlitterbahn should be welcomed on SPI?

Bring Schlitterbahn in! 6 25.00 %
Keep Schlitterbahn out! 18 75.00 %
TOTAL 24 100.00 %

Outdoor Merchandise Displays

The SPI city council is making moves to prohibit outdoor displays of merchandise that will affect many local
businesses. How do you feel about this?

outdoor displays should be prohibited 2 11.76 %
outdoor displays should be allowed 8 47.06 %
should be allowed, but regulated 7 41.18 %
no strong feelings one way or another 0 %
TOTAL 17 100.00 %

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