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March 14, 2000

photo by Amazin' Walter

Looks like we all survived Texas week - what did YOU think about the traffic re-routing plan? Express yourself here.

traffic jam

I got stuck, as you can see by the photo above. But it gave me an opportunity to get a great shot of the sunset.


"Where were you when the lights went out?"

Don "Dad Feets" Wierenga, a Winter Texan who is sticking around for spring break, watched the whole scene from his 12th floor balcony. Read his report here.

beer bong

Some spring break photos shot by Amazin' Walter

jesus in sand


the long arm of the law

a toast bikinis

Some of the craziest things happen during spring break
and S.Padre Island SpringBreak of 2000 broke some new ground, or should we say "ice"?

Armed with snowboots, (and beer) these brave combatants duel it out under the sun and in the "snow" of South Padre.

I guess their beers stayed cool while they played!

The secret to the unusual and unseasonable conditions
has to do with a little technology. Two tractor trailer trucks full of Ice and a giant snowcone machine provided the frosty conditions that day.

blwoing snow

ice volley ball

Photos and report by Dennis Barrett

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