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Dad Feets will be observing Spring Break '02 in its entirety from his vantage point at the top of Saida Royale and has promised to forward digital pics of the Rad's "Coca Cola Beach" every day for the rest of the month. Watch spring break unfold before your very eyes!

The photos will be shot every day at the "peak" of the action - about 3:00 PM. You can click on the thumbnail to get the full shot.

If you appreciate his efforts, why not send him an e-mail and tell him so? e-mail Dad Feets

[3/21-] [3/18-20] [3/15-17] [3/11- 14] [3/5-10]

March 17, 2002

A relatively quiet day at ground zero. Even the traffic has settled into "spring break normal." The Coke stage crew called it a warm up day, anticipating another full week of activities starting tomorrow. The two guys in the pic are the DJ's the one on the right does all the talking. If you happen to know his name, it might be nice to give him recognition. Otherwise I'll get it tomorrow. He seems real good with the kids.) It's interesting to watch the kids come and go. I gain appreciation for the effort they make to get here. . . and to get home.

The girls in the pic (not the best quality) had been waiting for several hours for a ride to the airport and a flight to New Jersey. Fortunately they had allowed plenty of time . . like most of the day. On the other hand I received an e-mail from a mom whose daughter arranged the trip for 22 kids staying here at the Royale (more than one room, I hope!) It took them 2 hours to get across the bridge after driving for two days. . . . and the guy from Saltilio, MX who used SPIonline.com exclusively as his "tourist guide." Also, greetings to my winter Texan tennis buddies, who made it back to the North country in time for the worst storm of the winter. That will teach ya!
- Dad Feets

Coca Cola Beach Stage

Happy St. Patty's Day!

coke beach

Birdseye View

March 16, 2002

This was a transition day. A large number of weekend visitors from the valley and a new group of college kids made for a rowdy, restless group. Plus, nothing was happening on the Coke stage and it was foggy much of the day. Most stayed on the beach later than usual. From my 12th floor vantage point I could easily follow the flow of activity as the mood of the group surged from one encounter to another. Two police cruisers and a helicopter made their presence known and then backed off at a discreet distance and waited for the crowd to disperse. The traffic on the bridge was the heaviest so far, with cars backed up the entire length, and further . . .I assume! Mom Feets is beginning to feel as if she is under house arrest!

Shawn and Nathan from Kansas spotted me as they were settling into a Royale Beach ground floor condo. They have been daily fans of SPIonline.com and added how this helped them build to a fever pitch for the big spring break event! I have received numerous e-mail responses, and already responded to most of them. Thanks!

My personal accomplishment was to make it to the top of the U.S. Army alpine climbing tower. Not as easy as I thought it would be. Somehow these 19 year olds make every thing look easy! The military people thought I might have set the record for the oldest to make the climb. . . a dubious honor!
- Dad Feets

SPionline Fans!

Self Portrait from the top

coke beach

Birdseye View with chopper

March 15, 2002

Well, the T-shirt is working! Having an identity makes me feel better about walking around with a camera and gives the kids a reason to stop and talk. The two guys wanted me to know their unique connection to the island. The guy on the right said his great grandfather was one of the original settlers on South Padre. The other had a connection through a bar ownership. I regret not remembering their names, but that comes with old age! The two couples just wanted to have their picture taken for SPIonline.com. They were fun to talk with.

No doubt, the mood changes toward the end of the day. I commend the Coke Cola people for keeping their language clean and attempting to calm the crowd with softer(?) music as they left. But after an afternoon of drinking, incidents will happen. The girl at the left of the photo is trying to restrain her friend after he became involved in a fight and on another occasion as I was about to make my grand fatherly presence known, other guys stepped in and said, enough. I think security has the right idea in staying away from such incidents and allowing the kids to work it out for themselves. Most kids just packed up and left. The exodus through the Rad is a spectacle in itself!
- Dad Feets

SPionline Fans!

Showing Restraint (?)

coke beach

Birdseye View

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