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Dad Feets will be observing Spring Break '02 in its entirety from his vantage point at the top of Saida Royale and has promised to forward digital pics of the Rad's "Coca Cola Beach" every day for the rest of the month. Watch spring break unfold before your very eyes!

The photos will be shot every day at the "peak" of the action - about 3:00 PM. You can click on the thumbnail to get the full shot.

If you appreciate his efforts, why not send him an e-mail and tell him so? e-mail Dad Feets

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March 20, 2002

Military presence is very much in evidence, and spring breakers seem to be paying attention. Along side the usual balcony banners this year nearly every branch of service has been represented, unheard of in past years. I chatted with Coast Guard representatives stationed here on the Island. Turns out they have life saving and first aid trained personnel providing a very practical service.

Meanwhile, I discovered the organization structure necessary for a successful drinking binge. There is the advanced crew that arrive early to dig the bunker and a hole for the keg. (no Sandyfeet, that's not a sandcastle). Sometime later the banner crew arrives to plant their flag and then the keg crew, usually linemen from the football team, and finally the drinkers. So far, I have not observed a clean-up crew! No doubt this is great preparation for future endeavors in the corporate world.

- Dad Feets

spring break is hard work!

hey! some bikinis!

coke beach

Birdseye View

March 19, 2002

Check the pics today. The kids engaged to some activity, other than drinking,seem to be having the most fun. Those gathered around the Fraternity flags seem intent on getting drunk. For some that doesn't take long and the rest of their day is downhill. The kids involved in the ladies Vs guys pickup football game as in the coed soccer and volleyball, were showing respect and support for each other and reminded me of recess on the playground!

A huge crowd gathered in front of a vendors booth to witness the show down battle of . . . all things . . . the Twister championship! I don't know what was at stake, maybe a T-shirt, but at any rate spectators and participants alike were just plain having fun. Even on the Coca Cola stage the D.J's stress rules of good behavior i.e. no booing -- or was that no boobs!

At any rate when you come to the beach, an alternative to just drinking is essential. Swimming in the Gulf is becoming more popular, throwing a football, building a sand castle, and yes, tossing horse shoes, are some of the activities I observed. I suppose learning to drink responsibly comes with practice, and suffering natural consequences is part of the learning experience. . . It's just that some kids are slow learners.

Speaking of activity, not all tennis playing winter Texans have left. Jim and Harlan have provided moderate competition for Jan (Harlan's wife) and I. Well, they did beat us three out of four sets yesterday, but just wait until tomorrow!

- Dad Feets

SPI Fans!

More Twister

coke beach

Birdseye View

March 18, 2002

About 6:00 P.M. on Sunday a tragic event occurred on our beach. A young man from the valley was stabbed to death in a reported dispute over a camcorder.

The two weekends of Texas week have by far the greatest potential for danger. It appears the mix of thousands of weekend valley visitors and the influx of a new group of college spring breakers creates the atmosphere for danger, and in this case, disaster. The Coke stage had only minimal activity on Sunday, giving the kids more time to focus on drinking and to congregate at water's edge. Monday there was a full schedule of activities, dispersing kids to the stage area, to beach volleyball and beach soccer and check this out . . twister! The mood was entirely different. I have also noted the presence of more families, blending easily with the college group. The tennis courts and pools . . including the cold T-pool, were crowded and the warm temperature drew scores of kids to the surf. There seemed to be less drinking . . . the "drinking machine" produced more laughs than beer!

The best time to celebrate spring break at South Padre Island is just ahead!

- Dad Feets

SPI Fans!

The "Drinking Machine"

coke beach

Birdseye View

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