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Find a Local - past and present, I am working on compiling an e-mail address book for anyone with an SPI connection that wants to participate. If you are a past or current resident - or even just a frequent visitor - and would like people to be able to find you, feel free to add your listing!

Add a Listing

You can browse the whole list by hitting the next button at the bottom of each page, or you can jump dirctly to the person's listing if you know his/her last name by clicking on one of the letters below.

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name: patrick hagan
username: patrickkhagan@home.com
Phone: 541-201-0904
Address: 1388 Madrone Street
City: ashland
State: or
zip: 97520
connection: past resident

name: Erin (Tullis) Hagarty
username: ehagarty@qwest.net
Company: Atlantic Relocation Systems
Address: 6067 West Caribe Lane
City: Glendale
State: AZ
zip: 85306
connection: past resident
Info: Former resident (ages ago) and attended PIISD from 3rd grade through eleventh grade (85-91). Had to leave my junior year, and looking to reconnect with old classmates and friends. Drop me a line!

name: Adam Halperin
username: doublecoog@yahoo.com
Company: "Bad company corrupts good character."
Address: P O Box 2143
City: South Padre Island
State: TX
zip: 78597
connection: current resident
Info: I still have a place in Houston....but use it as little as possible. :)

name = Dave Hamerly
from = dave@hamcomm.com
company = Hoovers Online
city = Austin
state = TX
homepage? = http://www.hamcomm.com
connection? = past resident
info = If you can't live on South Padre Island, or northern Italy, Austin has to be the next best thing.

name: Lindy Hardy
username: lindyhardy@hotmail.com
connection: past resident

name: Chris Harmon
username: Jetlag@aol.com
Phone: 214.923.4008
Address: 110 W Pompano #507
City: Padre
connection: current resident
Info: I'm moving to Padre on May 10. Looking to do some cat sailing!!

name: Jack M. Harris
username: jmharris26@aol.com
Company: Retired
Address: P.O. Box R
City: Port Isabel
State: TX
zip: 78578-1015
connection: current resident
Info: I first visited Port Isabel in 1945. I came to live in 1954. I worked at the Red Capstan Boat Yard and then for ten years at the oil refinery just off Port Road. I lived on "The Hill" (Yturria Street), and then moved to Laguna Vista where I servd on the first board of aldermen. I was a volunteer for the Red Cross, Coast Guard Auxilliary, Tip-O-Texas Girl Scout Council, and etc.

full name: Rick Harris, D.C.
username: rharris@ies.net
Company: South Padre Island Chiropractic
Phone: (956) 761-6006
Address: 104 West Bahama St. Ste. B
City: South Padre Island
State: TX
zip: 78597
connection: current resident
Info: Recently relocated to the island. Love the warm weather.

name: Nora Hartless
username: norasark@email.com
Phone: (956)761-7556
Address: 110A East Cora Lee
City: South Padre Island
State: TX
zip: 78597
connection: current resident

name: Marilyn & Jack Hatler
username: marilynhatler@yahoo.com
Company: Ebby Halliday Realtors
Phone: 972 370 7375
Address: 4672 Beverly Drive
City: Dallas
State: Tx
zip: 75209-6006
connection: current resident
Info: We have a condo at Margaritaville #302.

name: John M Hazlett (AJAX)
username: ajax2112@caller.infi.net
Company: Pendragon Design
Phone: 361-888-7449
Address: 409 Ohio Ave
City: Corpus Christi
State: TX
zip: 78404
Homepage?: www.geocities.com/soho/coffeehouse/2156
connection: past resident
Info: Hiya!...I'm from the old days...when there were dirt roads and Blackbeard's was a house that served sandwiches and beer...worked there for many moons....moved away in '87.Lived in Austin for quite a few years,tending Bar and going to school.
Now I tend bar,play music and do Graphic design out of my house here in Corpus....Leah...(my sis) lives here too and was a PI local for quite some time as well...anyone who wants can call or email...I miss the HELL out of you people!

name: Heidi
username: lvshigirl@earthlink.net
Company: It's a "Secret"
Phone: 867-5309
City: Las Vegas
State: NV
Country: USA
connection: past resident
Info: Happy survivor of a reality-rendering, Cloud 9, life-in-the-fast-lane, drunken South Padre Island experience! There's nothing like pink, purple and orange sunsets to preamble rad nights like I remember: dancin' like a damn fool at Coconuts to the Moon Dogs' rendition of "Magic Carpet Ride", Out of Sync on a Wednesday night @ 202, the Black Marlin during the days of Moe, Tequila Mockingbird on Tuesday nights, the last set at Tequila Sunset, Bagadonuts Band at the "Slo-asis"...running Freddie's Thunderbird into the sand dunes by Kelly's Irish Pub, $1.00 burgers @ Coconuts, Meg's Janis cover and frozen margaritas after work, Hurricane parties, evacuations, flooding, partying, puking, trippin, smokin and everything in between, Come Get Ready, Julie walkin the line, crazy German chicks and crazy Israeli dudes....I miss you all and thank you for being part of some of the best times of my life. Just know I'll be thinking of you in a "semi-sweet, semi-precious, pseudo-hippie, kinda/sorta, pretty/ugly, fun 'n'scary, twentysomething, punk/alternative way". "Arrrrrr.....Gimme a vo'ka/o.jayyyyyy...!"
P.S. you could probably find me somewhere now sweating in the intense Mohave Desert heat of Las Vegas. I acquired some level of intelligence since previously and am laying low these days. Marina is rad, by the way.

name: Bill Henderson
username: Whenders@tir.com
Company: General Motors
Phone: 810-694-8659
Address: 5441 S. Genesee Rd
City: Grand Blanc
State: mi
zip: 48439
Homepage?: www.tir.com/~whenders
connection: frequent visitor
Info: My wife Darlene and I visit South Padre every October. We own a small condo in Brownsville at VICC. Some of our favorite places on the island are, Dolphin Cove , Scampi's, Andy Bowie Park, Padre island golf club, and Boomerang Billy's. We have never been anywhere quite like South Padre. We love every minute of our visits.

name = Jim Henderson
from = managerman@uswest.net
company = Kyoto Bowl Corporation
phone = 4805070275
address1 = 756 E. Redondo Drive
city = Gilbert
state = AZ
zip = 85296
connection? = past resident
info = I lived on "The Island" from 1982-1988. I was better kown as "Lips". I founded a band named J.W. Bullfrog with the help of notables like Geoff Clifton, Allen Carrington, Phil Hill, Daryl Hoag, Ron Herrington and Lindsey Lee. British bands were rare on "The Island". I also might be connected with other bands like Off Hour Rockers, SPI Network, Andretti and a few other combinations at Carl's. I'm currently a District Manager for a Japanese Restaurant chain. I've been with them for five years. I bought a house a while back, but would love to move back to what's in my heart-"The Island". If you remember me call me or E-mail. (480-507-0275)

name: Brenda Hinojosa
username: b_hinojosa@excite.com
Company: ClearOrbit
Phone: 512-441-9434
City: Austin
State: TX
zip: 78745
connection: past resident

username: RCRC928@HOTMAIL.COM
Address: 1102 SIMMONS #4
State: TX
zip: 78026
connection: frequent visitor

name: Angela Holley
username: fujibettin@aol.com
Company: Avalon Music
Address: P.O. Box 3994
City: South Padre Island
State: Tx
zip: 78597
Homepage?: avalonmus.com
connection: current resident
Info: Live in Houston and South Padre Island, Play the Flute and book all kinds of live music in the Houston area. I am looking for others that play classical music to play chamber music in the area for fun and/or possible profit! Again, I am a flutist and I have loads of chamber music for our reading pleasure.

name: Stephen Hopkins
username: hopsdak@hotmail.com
City: Houston
State: TX
zip: 77058
Homepage?: http://home.swbell.net/hopsdak
icq#?: 96613124
connection: past resident
Info: I've been in houston four years now and i might be moving back to SPI at the end of May-01..

name = Maria Hopper
from = hopperpaintingservices_1999hop@yahoo.com
company = Hopper Painting Services
phone = 956-748-4853
address1 = Rt 2 Box 432-k
city = Rio Hondo
state = Tx
zip = 78583
connection? = frequent visitor
info = I am a native valleyite. I have a drywall and painting business. I have done work at the Island since 1976. I love the Island. It is a beautiful place to work and play. I would like to offer my service to all owner/manager of any business or home owners on the Island. I give free estimates. We replace and repair Sheetrock, plus do any painting you might need. Thank you in advance for your business.

name: Wes Hudson
username: wes_hudson@hotmail.com
Company: Texas A&M Student
Phone: 979-595-1294
Country: US
Homepage?: www.shallowsportboats.com
connection: past resident
Info: I was born and raised in the South Padre area, I've worked for a lot of restaurants and bars on the island, and lived there untill I graduated high school and moved to College Station were I have been attending Texas A&M for the past three years. My parents, Rex and Connie Hudson have lived there for around 25 years now and own and operate Shallow Sport Boats. If you want, you can check out the website I made for my dad's company at www.shallowsportboats.com

name: Thomas Huebner
username: tom@huebner.com
Company: Law Office of Tom Huebner
Phone: (956) 761-4575
Address: 3200 Padre Blvd.
City: South Padre Island
State: TX
zip: 78597
connection: current resident
Info: I moved here from Austin in 1990 and practice law on the Island at 3200 Padre Blvd. in the Austin Bldg.

name = Chris and Debbie Huffman
from = ckhhuff@flash.net
address1 = 2438 Wabash Avenue
city = Fort Worth
state = tx
zip = 76109
connection? = frequent visitor
info = Frequent visitor of the Isle. For the past six years our family has made a trip to the island. Our daughter has almost grown up on SPI and looks forward to our freguent visits. We love Blackbeards, Blue Rays and Pizza Hut for dining. Our favorite past time is building drippy castles on the beach, going (nightly)to three flags over texas and watching the sunset at Parrot Eyes. We always look forward to our trips to the island and hope to someday own a place of our own. The people of South Padre are great and we are always recommending the islandto others.

name = Rod Hunter
from = rhunter04@snet.net
company = Whelen Engineering Co., Inc.
address1 = 90 Hillcrest Road
city = Niantic
state = CT
zip = 06357
connection? = past resident
info = Lived on SPI in early 80's. Left to join military in 1983. Born in Brownsville, went to high school in Harlingen (MMA) Vacation to SPI at least once a year, how things have changed since I left!!!!!


name: Iggy
username: iggy69su@yahoo.com
Phone: 219-945-1562
Address: 400 n. lake park ave. apt. b6n
City: hobart
State: IN
zip: 46342
connection: past resident

name: daniel izaguirre vidaÒa
username: daiv_24@msn.com
Company: quintanilla and associates
Phone: 956-581-1216
Address: rt 30 box hs 18
City: mission
State: tx
zip: 78572
Homepage?: www.geocities.com/daniel_24_24
icq#?: 41345840
connection: frequent visitor

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