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Find a Local - past and present, I am working on compiling an e-mail address book for anyone with an SPI connection that wants to participate. If you are a past or current resident - or even just a frequent visitor - and would like people to be able to find you, feel free to add your listing!

Add a Listing

You can browse the whole list by hitting the next button at the bottom of each page, or you can jump dirctly to the person's listing if you know his/her last name by clicking on one of the letters below.

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name: Joe Mackiewicz
username: JRZJOEM@aol.com
Company: Self
Phone: 9433404
Address: Box 6409
City: Port Isabel
State: TX
zip: 78578
connection: current resident
Info: Looking for Mexico travelers

name = Cain Christian Mahan
company = Jim's Beach Service
phone = 210-761-2130
address1 = 117 East Parade St.
city = South Padre Island
state = Tx.
zip = 78597
country = U.S.A.
connection? = current resident
info = m/18--I spend the summers in South Padre Island, where I work with my parents on the Beach (Jim's Beach Service). I love boating, surfing, diving, and camping on the beach. I also love taking trips into Mexico.

name = Dub Maines
from = DubMaines@aol.com
name = Dub Maines
address1 = 1106 Tosch Lane
city = Mesquite
state = TX
zip = 75149
country = USA
connection? = frequent visitor
info = Been visiting for regularly for 20 years. Can't wait 'til my next trip.

name: Mike Marikos
username: pbhinc@aol.com
Company: Padre Beach Homes Inc.
Phone: 756-761-7122
Address: P.O. Box 2466
City: South Padre Island
State: TX
zip: 78597
Country: USA
connection: current resident
Info: Contractor new homes 21 years on the Island

name: Leslie Marquez
username: Lmarquez@landam.com
Company: Lawyers Title
Phone: 702-385-4141 Ext 231
Address: 1210 S. Valley View
City: Las Vegas
State: NV
zip: 89102
connection: frequent visitor
Info: Whenever i'm down i think of the island. Plan on moving there someday for good.Trying to find my old friend/who was better to me than a brother, Rich Harris. Lost touch in '94 by my moving to Las Vegas. He was(is?) resident from '91 to ??,Was manager of the SportsPub last I knew. Anybody who knows whereabouts, please contact me, or let him know to contact me. THANX !

name = Larr & Deb Martin
from = lmartin866@aol.com
phone = 817-451-8027
address1 = 4408 Valleycrest Dr.
city = Arlington
state = TX
zip = 76013
connection? = frequent visitor
info = We have a time share at Galleon Bay Club. We always have a good time when we come. This year we will be bring some friends with us.

name: Maria Yadira Martinez
username: yadira_rangel@hotmail.com
Company: EthnicGrocer.com
Phone: 312-762-2667
Address: 1425 S. 57th Avenue
City: Chicago
State: IL
zip: 60804
Homepage?: http://hometown.aol.com/ydes1gn/myhomepage/index.html
connection: frequent visitor
Info: Grew up in Brownsville and frequently remembers spring break season at South Padre Island. Once I make my first million I will buy me a beach house at the Island....Love from Windy City!

name: Dawn Mathewson
username: dawner_60108@yahoo.com
Company: bartender
Phone: 630-351-1273
Address: 204 Glengarry Club
City: Chicago
State: IL
zip: 60108
Country: U S A !!!!!!
connection: past resident
Info: I lived in the island from '95-'98, and had the time of my life. I have tried for 4 LONG years to come back down, and I am proud to say I will be there by September 1st. ...can't wait to see all you guys again!!!!!!!!!..

name: Deborah McCoy
username: Customfit@deborahsgym.com
Company: Customfit Personal Fitness Training
Phone: 956-943-2273 or 956-761-1833
Address: 410 E.Hickman
City: Port Isabel
State: Tx
zip: 78578
Homepage?: Customfit
connection: current resident
Info: Hi, I am Deborah McCoy,I have lived on the Island 17 years as a matter of fact I have lived on the Island longer then my home state of Virginia so I have claimed Texas as my new Home State.I have a personal fitness trainig services in Port Isabel Tx just across the causeway. I have been there 4 years boy time fly's when you are having so much fun.I live by the SOB'S pledge to have fun and to help others have fun and always to unlitter.If I can help in anyway please call or mail me. Thank's Deborah McCoy

name = Amazin' Walter McDonald
from = wizard@amazinwalter.com
company = Sons of the Beach
phone = 1-956-761-5943
address1 = P.O.Box 2694
city = South Padre Island
state = Tx
zip = 78597
country = U.S.A.
homepage? = http://amazinwalter.com
connection? = current resident
info = I'm a 20 yr resident of SPI, I'm a sandsculptor, photographer, clown, musician, web page designer. I like to ride bicycles. Find evidence of all this on my various web pages starting with http://amazinwalter.com

name: Christy McDonald
username: Christy@ChristyClown.com
Company: Schlitterbahn Beach
Phone: (956) 778-8087
City: SPI
State: TX
zip: 78597
Homepage?: ChristyClown.com
connection: current resident
Info: I love SPI! I'm finally back and I love it! I'm the Events Coordinator at Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark on SPI and I'm a professional Clown/Entertainer. I also make custom Costumes and clothing. Yes, I do alterations (but not windows;o))Check out my Web Site for more info!

name = Stan McElroy
from = stan@destinationsouthpadre.com
company = Destination South Padre Island RV Resort
Phone: 512 328-4100
Address: 1 Padre Blvd.
City: South Padre Island
State: TX
zip: 78597
Homepage?: http://www.destinationsouthpadre.com

name = Sean Patrick McGinnity
from = j.g.mcginnity@worldnet.att.net
company = S&M Construction
phone = 303-721-7900
address1 = 6324 S. Grape Ct.
city = Littleton
state = CO
zip = 80121
country = USA
connection? = frequent visitor
info = A native of Colo.for 29 yrs., I am more than ready to relocate to a warmer climate,permanatley! I am skilled in more than one construction trade and have plenty of experience in the food/drink industry and would actually take any oppurtunities to live in SPI. I enjoy drawing,skiing,weight-lifting and learning new skills on my (or any) PC. I actually have only visited once, Spring Break of 1992,and had the time of my life. If anyone can assist me with info.concerning employment and housing,I will buy you a drink when I get there.

name: Ivan McLean
username: padreguys@aol.com
Company: retired
Phone: 956-497-6250
Address: PO Box 2189
City: South Padre Island
State: TX
zip: 78597-2189
connection: current resident
Info: Seeking part-time work as an online trainer, web site developer, math tutor, or trainer.

name: Mcnabb Malcolm & Elizabeth
username: magda_samano@uole.com
Company: South Wind Aviation
Phone: 761-7011
Address: 110 East Marlin
City: South Padre Island
State: TX
zip: 78597
connection: current resident
Info: this is a great place to live with the rigth person. come and visit here, you will be enjoy the time.

name: toni mcneal
username: toni@hornethill.com
Company: none
Phone: 256 352-6655
Address: 3698 County Rd, Hornet Hill Farm
City: Hanceville, AL 35077
State: AL
zip: 35077
Homepage?: www.hornethill.com
connection: frequent visitor
Info: like to meet a nice bachelor/widower/widowed? gentleman..age 70's...or slightly over....independent and intelligent....are there any of those down there?

name = george miller
from = oksundan@earthlink.net
city = okc
state = ok
zip = 73139
connection? = past resident
info = I'm one who remembers SPI in the 70's(those were the days).I've taught school in Oklahoma for 20 years and am moving back to SPI this summer(99).Would like to teach for a few more years so leads on school districts hiring would be appreciated.As a frequent visitor since, the island has changed a lot but is still a great place to spend your time on the planet.

name: Sharon Miller
username: sharonlm@tstar.com
Address: P.O. Box 1442
City: Marble Falls
State: Tx
zip: 78654
connection: past resident
Info: I worked at Islands, by Sea Ranch, great clothing if your looking for something comfortable and different. Moved back up by Austin. I used to work at the Radisson for years at the front desk.

name = Robert D. Moomaw
from = rdmoomaw@connect.net
phone = 214-339-1766
address1 = 2630 Woodmere Dr.
city = Dallas
state = Tx
zip = 75233
connection? = frequent visitor

name: Ray Moon
username: raycsine@hotmail.com
Company: Cardservice International
City: Boston
State: MA
zip: 01880
connection: past resident
Info: Wassup in paradise? Man I miss that island!!!
Lived there on Oleander st. '95 and '96 from Houston with Kevin+ Randy
The Black Marlin was the local's off season hang out of choice. Funny, the rest is pretty hazy!
Now I live in Boston in the freeezing cold!!!
Oh well ! Hope to see y'all soon!!

name: David W Moore
username: DoubleDoon@aol.com
Phone: 606-624-5566
Address: 127 woods trail apt 1
City: richmond
State: ky
zip: 40475
connection: frequent visitor

name: Rodney D. Moore
username: rmoorespi@aol.com
Phone: (56) 761-7213
Address: 1904 Gulf Blvd.
City: So. Padre Island
State: TX
zip: 78597
connection: current resident
Info: Retired Attorney from Dallas bay fishing and playing golf. Spouse Danah is a local artist displaying at the Sisters Trading Company and Mango's Restruant.

name Jessica Morales
username batgirl_jm@yahoo.com
submitButtonName Submit Query
State tx
connection frequent visitor

name = Judy Morris
from = judymo9@pacbell.net
phone = 760-721-5211
address1 = 276 N El Camino Real # 103
city = oceanside
state = CA
zip = 92054
connection? = past resident
info = I am retired, love my grandchildren, &I love to travel.

name: Andy Morton
username: wwwaterdog@aol.com
Company: BMC Software, Inc.
Phone: 713.918.3588
Address: 505 Wells Fargo #1703
City: Houston
State: TX
zip: 77090
connection: frequent visitor

name = Kenneth Morton
from = justme@simplynet.net.com
phone = (580)443-5718
address1 = Rt. 1 Box 51-1
city = Kenefic
state = OK
zip = 74748
connection? = future resident (?)
info = I live in southern Oklahoma and am planning a vacation. I have vacation time from September 13-19. I am seriously thinking about going to South Padre Island. I have never been there but I am looking forward to going there. I can't wait, actually.

name: Patti moseley
username: stratomom2@hotmail.com
Company: Culinary union
Phone: 702-255-5485
Address: 7904 Idledale ct#201
City: Lasvegas
State: Nv
zip: 89145
connection: past resident
Info: Use to work at Blackbeards restaurant and Amberjacks restaurant, now live in LasVegas,Nevada. Currently working for culinary Union local 226

name: Aaron D. Moser (Moe)
Company: Louies Backyard
Phone: yes
Address: beach
City: spi
State: tx
zip: 78597
connection: current resident
Info: I have been here for 5 years. It gets better each year. I am a SPI~Lifer. Come see me and the gang at Louies!!!!! Ask for Moe and say,"Whammy me, Moe-Moe." Whammies is Louies specialty drink.

name: Trent "Partee" Mullins
username: trent@flashlink.net
Company: Juggernaughts
Phone: 803-684-4426
Address: 3390 Waterbrook Dr.
City: York
State: SC
zip: 29745
connection: past resident
Info: Tell Coach Big Ed Messbarger (Laguna Vista res.) to call his best friend of 20 years. i don't care if i am 23 hours away.

name = John N Murphy
from = zihrena@prodigy.com.mx
company = Zihrena Systems
phone = 01-52-7-554-6448
address1 = Playa la Ropa s/n, Apo. 571
city = Zihuatanejo
state = Gro.
zip = 40880
country = Mexico
homepage? = http://www.zihua-ixtapa.com
connection? = past resident
info = I moved to Padre in '74, worked in hotels till '78, moved to Austin for an extended educational experience and returned in '85. My never ending love affair with Mexico led me to Zihuatanejo in '88 and after visits extended to full time residence in '94, moved here permanently, working on American movies made in all parts of Mexico. After a two year drought in the 'film bidness', near starvation persuaded me to open a small computer firm. I still love the Island and return occasionly to visit friends and family.

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