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Find a Local - past and present, I am working on compiling an e-mail address book for anyone with an SPI connection that wants to participate. If you are a past or current resident - or even just a frequent visitor - and would like people to be able to find you, feel free to add your listing!

Add a Listing

You can browse the whole list by hitting the next button at the bottom of each page, or you can jump dirctly to the person's listing if you know his/her last name by clicking on one of the letters below.

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name Naina
username IslandSoccerGirly2002@yahoo.com
submitButtonName Submit Query
State TX
connection frequent visitor
Info I just visited the saida towers room #2105. I love it there SOOO much. I stayed from June 30 - July 7,2002. When i was there i saw a guy named Jimmy(i think) there and he played soccer with his friends almost every day. I took a picture of him and I never got to talk to him. So if you're reading this, Jimmy, then PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send me an E-mail!

name: b n newman
username: bnnewman@aol.com
Company: your one-stop wordsmith shop
Phone: 956 943 4241
Address: box 4512
City: port isabel
State: tx
zip: 78578
Homepage?: http://hometown.aol.com/bnnewman/myhomepage/business.html
connection: current resident

name: Pete and Angela Nunez
username: glocubana@hotmail.com
Company: SFASU
Phone: 936 468 4265
Address: SFASU Box 5443
City: Nacogdoches
State: TX
zip: 75962
Info: Hello to all of our friends!! :)

name: Linda E. Nunn
username: seaquill@mindspring.com
Company: SeaQuill Enterprises
Address: P. O. Box 207
City: Hatteras
State: NC
zip: 27943
Homepage?: "soon"
Info: I am a writer/editor with a strong interest in MY island ecosystems and cultures. I have heard that SPI is similar in many ways to Hatteras. I'd like to do a feature in our local newspaper comparing our islands, the way we handle issues like beach renourishment, overdevelopment, the tourist economy, fishing/heritage issues, etc. I also have a book coming out in April, written by women on the island, dealing with lifestyles of a modern day barrier island woman. SO - I would like to develope email relationships with residents of SPI, particularly women, who would be interested in sharing information, news and friendships.


name: Kemberly Ogea
username: kogea@hotmail.com
Phone: 337-528-1314
City: Lake Charles
State: LA
zip: 70707
connection: past resident
Info: I lived on the island for six lovely months until the bridge accident last fall. Me and my boyfriend Brian had alot of fun, but now I am on my own and find myself wanting to throw on some jeans and fall into the Oasis at opening time for a corona and stay roaming the island for the rest of the night. I miss you guys.

name: Old Roadie
username: smoothiei8@attbi.com
Company: Still on the road
City: Los Angeles
State: Ca
connection: past resident
Info: Probably nobody remembers the Island during the days of Manny's on the Beach, (Aaron Hinojosa Trio), The Barefoot Club (Randy Coleman), Sandy Retreat (Marlowe Wolf Trio) and the Sea Island (forget the name of the band), after that insofar as entertainment was concerned...you were on your own.

name: Mike Orbin
username: morbin@prodigy.net
Company: Padre Gifts & Collectibles
Phone: (956) 761-8449
Address: 104 E. Jupiter LN
City: South Padre Island
State: TX
zip: 78597
Homepage?: http://www.padregifts.com
icq#?: 3881492
connection: current resident
Info: I moved to SPI from Missouri back in 1998. Had to escape the cold, snowy winters. I love it here. I love to do a lot of things here on island especially going fishing (onshore and offshore). When I go offshore fishing I always go with the Osprey boats down at Sea Ranch fishing pier. Capt. Bobby on the Osprey II is the BEST captain around. If he can't find the fish then NOBODY can. I recently started my own online gift store called Padre Gifts & Collectibles. Seeing that I live on SPI I wanted to promote SPI through my business. I do have one complaint about the island. There isn't much for a person in a wheelchair (like me) to do. The island isn't very accessible to persons in wheelchairs but I am working on that. I worked with the city to get the beaches wheelchair accessible. There are now rubber mats down on the beach at beach access #6 and #16 I believe they are. The first mat was placed at the beach access next to SunTide II. The mats go over the soft sand and end at the hard sand where it is much more easier to take a wheelchair down the beach.
Being a mainly retired persons community I do not know anyone around my age (34). If you would like to get ahold of me please do. I am single and would love to have someone to hang out with.

name: Victor & Melissa Ortiz
username: OutfitterVic@aol.com
City: Memphis
State: TN
connection: past resident
Info: As a former member of the Connectors, I truly miss those times and the good friends I met over the years.

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