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Find a Local - past and present, I am working on compiling an e-mail address book for anyone with an SPI connection that wants to participate. If you are a past or current resident - or even just a frequent visitor - and would like people to be able to find you, feel free to add your listing!

Add a Listing

You can browse the whole list by hitting the next button at the bottom of each page, or you can jump dirctly to the person's listing if you know his/her last name by clicking on one of the letters below.

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name: Sammy Tanguma
username: TangumaS@cas2.areur.army.mil
Company: Department of Defence
Phone: 011-49-6841-756954
Address: ketteler sts 50
City: Homburg-Saar
State: GE
zip: 66424
Country: Germany
connection: frequent visitor
Info: I grew up in Brownsville, Graduated HS and got the hell out. I now live in Germany and just Travel all the European Countries. I work for Department of Defence and travel frequently. I love to surf, drink beer and latenight excursions to the beach. Hang' out is a must!

name: Richard Tesar
username: richtesar1@attbi.com
Company: Royal American Travel
Phone: 815-485-2601
Address: 12337 Shellbark Dr.
City: Lockport
State: IL
zip: 60441
connection: frequent visitor

name: theYOUTHwitheTRUTH!!!
username: kadavr@reddink.com
Address: 4128 SW 6th Ave #105
City: Topeka
State: KS
zip: 66606
Homepage?: http://www.ReddInk.com
connection: frequent visitor
Info: maam... you gotta check out my website: Hot! and super cool. www.ReddInk.com Thanx. God bless you with the discernment.

name: John Tierney
username: jt.spi@att.net
Address: 113 E Ling
City: South Padre
State: TX
Info: Part Time Resident

name: Dennis & Molly Thompson
username: dmrthompson@attbi.com
Phone: 817-861-9509
Address: 1610 Bluebonnet Trail
City: Arlington
State: TX
zip: 76013
connection: frequent visitor

name: Larry & Barbara Thompson
username: barbara@mail2.fishingworld.com
Company: Fishingworld.com
Phone: 903-882-8877
Address: PO Box 1989
City: Lindale
State: TX
zip: 75771
connection: past resident
Info: Hi Islanders - Larry & I lived on the Island way back when, in 1971 to 1977 --- If you look on the Island side of the Causeway you'll see Larry's name as one of the Council Members at the time the new causeway was built. We owned the Burger Shack and Larry was with Tompkins Realty - and we lived on the bayside down by the Bahia Mar..We often remember the "good ole island" and long for a peaceful drive up the island or a stroll through the dunes...Now days you'll find us in East Texas, nestled among the pines and totally involved in our internet businesses....

name: Glenna Tolliver
username: jbh@i1.net
Company: John's Boat Harbor
Phone: 636-946-2073/956-943-3984
Address: 2407 Highway C
City: St. Charles,
State: Mo
zip: 63301
connection: frequent visitor
Info: Been coming to sp for about 8 years. own a home on p.i. we need to get our fix and have to come to the southern tip about every two or three months. really a lovely place.

name: Tom
username: tegan78521@aol.com
Company: Airshield Corp
Address: W. Retama
City: So. Padre Is
State: tx
icq#?: 51862172
connection: current resident

name: Kyle Tompkins
username: tihstudio@hotmail.com
Company: This is Hemisphere? Studio
Phone: (555)562-5555
Address: 130 Prospect St.
City: Cambridge
State: MA
zip: 02139
Homepage?: www.artists-in-residence.com/~tihstudio
connection: past resident
Info: Oh God...South Padre. It seems like it has been such a long time that I was there, but in actuality it has only been around six years. I left behind a lot of people that were very special to me, life can be funny like that. And when the snowy Boston winter gets me down, South Padre is the only place I want to be.

name = Rene Torres
from = gamestir@yahoo.com
company = South Side Disc Golf Club
phone = (512)445-4528
address1 = 2423 Blue Meadow Dr.
city = Austin
state = TX
zip = 78744
country = USA
connection? = frequent visitor
info = I'm a 30 year old total slacker who loves playing disc golf. I do however have a job, not quite as nice as sandy feets, but it pays the bills. I used to live in the big city of Alamo,TX until 85 when I relocated to Austin. Austin is a great city but its getting too packed and I'm too far from the beach. We have the lakes but they can't compare to the island. Well its time to get out of dodge and go hit the course.

name: David Trevino
username: dtrevino@ts.checkpoint.com
Company: Checkpoint Software Technologies Inc.
Phone: 817.685.2925
Address: 1881 West Airport Frwy #310
City: Euless
State: TX
zip: 76040
connection: frequent visitor
Info: I was born in Brownsville, TX a long time ago and left B'ville when I was 18. I joined the Air Force after graduating from Glady's Porter H.S. and (fast forward) 21 years later I retired from the A.F. I currently live in Euless (a suburb of Dallas) doing computer stuff. I'm a computer systems engineer working on network security (firewalls). My fondest memories of my 'valley years' were those spent on South Padre Island. The sun, sand, winds and girls were awesome. I truly miss those days - and one of these days I will make it back to SPI.

name: Jacky/Jim Trudeau
username: jjtrudeau@hotmail.com
Company: Sunshine Daydream
Phone: 608-250-2365
Address: 434 State Street
City: Madison
State: Wi
zip: 53703
connection: past resident

name Sergio E. Marcos Tueme
username smarcost@infosel.net.mx
Address Pedro Valdivia Pte. 130 Mirasierra
City Garza Garcia,N.L.
Phone 52+(81) 83388-083
zip 66240
Country Mexico
connection frequent visitor

name: Patrick Twitty
username: fore1@netscorp.net
State: TEXAS
connection: past resident
Info: lived in p.i. from 89-98? something like that.always a great time>:]

name Sasha Twitty
username sasha_kiki@hotmail.com
Address 1185 East Hiawatha Apt. #1E
City Wisconsin Dells
State WI
zip 53965
Phone (608) 253-4889
connection past resident
Info I moved to the island when i was 2 with my mother (lisa) and father (patrick twitty) and my older sister (jaesa roe). i lived there intill i was 8. i still visit when i can. i would like to contact some of the people i know there...like Bob and Velma Sandland, Phil Hill, and Danielle (the owner of Putters Pub and Pizza) and a couple others.

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